Building bridges between Belarus and Germany

Belarus is a European country and shares a long border with the European Union. In recent years, the Belarusian EU-border has received more and more attention, albeit often for the wrong reasons. We continue to believe that it is extremely important that Germany and the EU as a whole have good and friendly relations with the Belarusian people.

We thus try to build bridges between Belarusians and Germans as well as other EU citizens. This can happen in manifold forms – be it visits to EU countries dedicated to best practice exchange, other forms of “people-to-people” approaches, political advocacy or advisory on foreign policy issues. While the current political relations between Belarus and Germany give little room for high hopes, we do not forget about the Belarusian people – especially not about the young generation, which will have to build a future Belarus.

News & Activities

29.03.2024 | Events

On March 20th, 2024, the Policy Paper "WHO SUPPORTS ECONOMIC REFORMS IN BELARUS AND CAN THEIR VIEWS CHANGE?" authored by Lev Lvovsky, the academic…


04.12.2023 | Events

The Belarusian economy has been under EU sectoral sanctions for more than two years. After a significant decline last year, it embarked on a path to…



Who supports economic reforms in Belarus, and can their views change?

Lvovskiy, Lev; Bornukova, Katerina; Panasevich, Violeta

Who supports economic reforms in Belarus, and can their views change?

Kyiv, 2024

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Belarusian identity in 2023

Bikanau, Philipp; Nesterovich, Konstantin

Belarusian identity in 2023

A quantitative study
Kyiv, 2023

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